Types of hybrid vehicles based on degree of hybridization

Environmentally friendly program is the basis for the users a vehicle to recognize hybrid cars in more detail and broader. At first, the hybrid car was ‘not ogled’ for reasons such as his model the ancient, bizarre, and inconvenient. But since the earth showed real reaction from global warming, hybrid cars into alternative vehicles are recommended for everyday use as a substitute for conventional cars. So that the vehicle manufacturers are competing to create a hybrid car with the models and the advantages of no less than conventional cars, or even more than that.

There are several categories to facilitate producers and consumers to classify the types of hybrid cars. One of which is the division of species based on the level of hybridization. In this case, a hybrid vehicle consists of a full hybrid and mild hybrid. What are they? What are they made for?

1 – Full hybrid is the vehicle that can run only on machines, batteries, or a combination of both. Usually, this vehicle is also called strong hybrids. examples of vehicles that can move with only rely on battery power is the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid / Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid / Mercury Milan Hybrid, and General Motors two-mode hybrid trucks and SUVs. From the name alone, we can already guess that this is the vehicle with this type of vehicle the least problematic to the environment. which means, as far as any or as often as any person using the vehicle with full hybrid type, will not affect or damage the environment because these vehicles will not produce carbon emissions that can damage the environment (and breathing) as occurs in conventional vehicles.

This vehicle has a split power path that allows more flexibility in the drivetrain by inter-converting mechanical power and electricity, at some cost in complexity. To balance the power of each section, vehicles using differential-style relationship between the engine and the motor is connected to the head end of transmission.

2 – Mild hybrid is a vehicle that can not be driven solely on electric motors, because the electric motors do not have enough power to drive their own vehicle. That is, savings in fuel consumption can not be done in total or in general only reach 15 percent when driving in urban and 8 to 10 cycles per cent overall. Systems used in mild hybrid vehicles actually not much different from conventional vehicles, except fuel use can be more controllable. It can be seen clearly on the greatness of the starter motor, allowing the machine to be turned off every time the car skids, braking, or stopped, yet restart quickly and cleanly. Motors are often installed between the engine and transmission, takes the place of the torque converter, and is used to supply additional propulsion energy when accelerating.

Compared with a full hybrid, mild hybrid has a smaller battery and motor, a weaker / generator, which allows manufacturers to reduce cost and weight.

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