The Truth of Mystical Creatures Called Otaku

The Truth of Mystical Creatures Called Otaku

Otaku is a japanese words to mention those with an obsession in their hobbies and at the moment its especially applied for those who love anime and manga. As much as images go, commonly anyone viewed as having an obsession in a certain topic could be considered creepy or abnormal. Therefore it is not far fetched to mention that the equal idea goes for people viewed as Otaku; literally if anything sometimes this abhorring image is specially tough when used to illustrate someone who is an Otaku.

Naturally there will always be these weirdos in existence who live up to the stereotype or even worse are so negative that they basically started it. Although that could be real, the Otaku stereotype doesn’t cover all otakus out there.

The Stereotype:

To begin with lets identify this cliched and fearsome Otaku creature that any of us are (more or less) all used to. This fearsome creature isn’t just dirty and stinky but those Otaku also fear outside world and the daylight (much similar to a vampire). Social connection with people of the outside the house world are deadly to them and so they keep away from it whenever possible. They are consistently watching or study their cult scriptures called anime or manga and they do bit more than that all over their days.

The Truth of Mystical Creatures Called Otaku
Otaku Never Ashamed Wearing Anime-ish Merchandise

The truth:

Many of us that will be deemed Otaku by current standards (ie: like manga and anime and enjoy watching/reading them for a hobby) are instead standard and extremely social persons. I have a lot of friends keen on both anime and manga that live their own lives as daily students, have a respectable amount of friends, and *GASP* are social outgoing persons. We Otaku neither concern the daylight nor are we diseased by social connections. Yes we may really enjoy manga and anime but hey it’s an interest. It’s no distinct from someone who loves watching tennis or football for instance. And I am not bothered to be called an OTAKU, it just implies I like doing by passion (watching anime and reading manga).

The main thing for a lot of stereotype believers out there to consider is that even though what you listen to and what you “THINK” you may fully understand. Just open your minds and eyes to new opportunities, and you would be astounded how when you definitely get acquainted with these individuals, they become just standard people with their particular passions. Just don’t forget this applies to all stereotypes, not only otaku.

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