The Features Offered by Remington Electric Shaver

Remington Electric Shaver

Electric shaver is chosen and used by many people due the convenience and practicality in shaving. You can save much time in shaving with electric shaver. However, choosing electric shaver can be quite stressful because you have to face many kind of electric shaver that has been developed by many manufacture. Among those manufactures, Remington Electric Shaver can be a good option for you who are looking for the high quality electric shaver. Generally, Remington produces two types of electric shaver that offer exception shaving experience

Remington Electric Shaver

Foil Shaver

Remington Electric shaver provides high quality foil shaver for cleaner shave. Foil shaver that offered by Remington will also provide the closest shave. It also has Pivot and Flex Technology to maximize your shaving experience. The pivoting neck and flexing foil will help you shave by following the shape and contour of your face and neck. It will create closer and cleaner result as well as the comfortable shave. There are many models or series of foil shaver that have been developed by Remington Electric Shaver. The latest models have already used smart edge technology that allows you to get closeness and comfort in shaving by the advance technology that is used in the devices. All foil shaver products by Remington electric shaver use rechargeable battery that can be used over 60-minute usages. All of them are also water resistant that will allow you to use the shaver when you are taking a bath. For the blade, stainless steel blade and activity hybrid cutting system are used to support shaving experience.

Rotary Shaver

Remington Electric Shaver also develops rotary shaver that will provide different and exceptional shaving experience. The rotary shaver also use 360°  Hyper pivot and flex technology that can move to every direction in circular motion. This technology can support the flexibility when you are shaving. It will allow you to shave following the shape and the contour of your face. This technology can provide closer and cleaner shave. Most of the rotary shaver that offered by Remington Electric Shave use three floating rotary heads that can shave larger area easily and quickly. The rotary shaver also supported by powerful rechargeable battery that can last for 60 minutes and can be charged quickly. Some models also have trim detailer that can help you to get the detail. All rotary shaver product produced by Remington Electric Shaver also is also well-known by the water-resistant ability, so you can shave with foam and when you are showering.

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