Sober And Recycling Furniture Space Needed

Sober And Recycling Furniture Space Needed

Sober And Recycling Furniture Space Needed

To better understand the industrial style, it could define it as a cousin of minimalism. This is because, as mentioned, there prevails a spartan choice of furniture, the structure prevails over decoration, or even becomes such. The furniture, then, will often be recycled, their functionality will be clear and obvious, or if you re-read the usage from the forms and structures. The main materials are those metals, from iron to steel, with neutral tones and grays out.

The industrial kitchen warmth and color

If we want to bring in our kitchen a touch of industrial style, the introduction of the black color will serve very effective, in terms of elegance. In the picture we see how the black wall is integrated with the wooden floor, able to warm the atmosphere. Blacks are the furniture, black walls are painted with chalkboard paint. To complete the characterization of the food industry will help the steel structures of the hob and the oven and utensils, even those willing to view on the walls. The brick walls complement this kitchen with a decidedly industrial style.In the bedroom the industrial style has the advantage of favoring minimal elements, shapes and strict lines, and then be able to give life to quiet and restful environment.

The functional bathroom in neutral tones

Bring the industrial style in the environment of the bath can be simpler. light, neutral tones, white and gray as the main colors for walls and floors, are the basis on which to place colorful details, as the carpet that we see, but also in metal ladders and suspension lamps. If the environment is really an industrial branch, it will simply characterize bringing the sight of copper pipes or iron, possibly even re-paint with bright colors. In line with the Spartan style and the choice of dried plants. Color notes, as said, can be inserted to warm the atmosphere.

Iron and wood the library

A classic of industrial style are the metal bookcases and wood with a simple layout and basic, which prevents banks and closing walls. This type of shelving become a key resource for designers and interior designers due to their open structure in which the structural elements coincide with decorative. And if you live in a studio apartment, the metal bookcases and wood, are also important to divide and connect the space thanks to their opening, which allows the light to circulate and look liberaente.

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