How To Smoke Cold

How To Smoke Cold

How To Smoke Cold

How To Smoke Cold In Your Home, Healthy And Properly, Foods Like Sausages, Cheeses And Fish Using Cheap Homemade Smokers.

Smoothing home-made foods such as ricotta, bacon or salmon is not particularly complicated nor does it require specific tools. This, however, when talking about hot smoking, is much easier to recreate in our home cooking. Cold smoking, however, occurs at a smoke temperature of 20 to 45 degrees and, in order to obtain it, it is necessary to cool the smoke before it reaches the foods.

This process can not be done with pots and utensils that we usually have in the kitchen, so you need to buy a cold smoker. The market offers a really great choice of smokers and there are inexpensive models and the reach of all pockets. Usually, this type of smoking is used for fish, such as salmon, and sausages, such as speck, but also for formagi. The most used woods are birch, chestnut or walnut, but also olive trees, which give the food a distinctive flavor. The coniferous resinous woods must be avoided in an absolute way.

To smoke cold, foods do not have to smoke directly, so smokers smoke through a duct, as the combustion chamber and the smoking room are separate. These appliances, elementary in their use, allow to get smoke at low temperatures, around 26 degrees without bracing, leaving cold smoked food softer than hot smoked because, without receiving direct smoke, You do not create the typical smoked crostina. Smoking times vary depending on the food to be smoked and its weight; Some smokes may take weeks to get a perfect result.

Tomatoes under vinegar

Also for this preserves are used green tomatoes, cut in half and seeds private. Place them in a slightly salted water pot for 10 minutes, then drain the tomatoes, squeeze them and cut them into pieces of about two centimeters; Let it cool and in the meantime prepare the preservative liquid, boiling it with half a liter of water, half a liter of vinegar and 100 grams of sugar, leaving it on fire until the latter is completely dissolved. A large bowl, season the tomatoes With chopped chili and parsley and sliced ??garlic; Now, fill the jars, but only when the tomatoes and the mixture of liquids will not be completely cold.Place the tomatoes first, and then pour the liquid, taking care to leave at least one centimeter between the stopper and the mixture.

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