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Columbus Municipal School District – Getting Involved

One of my more recent goals is to get involved in the local and state level political process.  So much focus and attention is given to the presidential elections, however your local and state governments will most likely have a

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Untitled Art by Abigail

Untitled - Abigail's Art

My daughter Abigail LOVES to color and draw pictures, but the dilemma is that we only have a limited amount of space on our fridge and then you start running out of places to store it, so I decided to scan some of it and share it with everyone. So this is the beginning of Abby’s Art Gallery, which I figured would do just fine here on this site. Enjoy!

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Christmas 1948 Guam – Order of Service

This is an old Christmas 1948 church order of service from Guam, brought back by Daniel Adrian Slemko. I have scanned it and turned it into a searchable PDF file.

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At the park with my gals

Cherrywood Park Lake

We went to the park yesterday afternoon since the weather was so nice.  It was fun watching Abigail play and trying to dribble the ball.  She’s still got some work to do on that one. She made a friend to

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5 Of The Best Years

Today marks our 5th year wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe it has been 5 years since we stood before our family, friends, and God and exchanged our vowels. I remember the day we first met (in the photo below),

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PHP Bible SQL with Strong’s Numbers

Bible Verses

Free MySQL SQL database dump files of the KJV Holy Bible with Strong’s Numbers and Hebrew and Greek Lexicons. These are database dumps of the project and therefore all rights are reserved by the author.

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A Few Recent Photos

Here’s a few photos I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks now and finally had a little bit of time to get them uploaded to share with you all. The first one of Zoe was taken Aug. 16, then

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My Little Photographer

I wondered a while back what a child would photograph if given a camera. So today we found out when we got our 4-year-old daughter a cheap digital camera.

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