Apple Fillet With Asparagus Cream

Apple Fillet With Asparagus Cream

Apple Fillet With Asparagus Cream


500 grams of fresh salmon fillet
150 grams of asparagus stems
12 clove of garlic
30 grams of walnut skewers
6 pachino tomatoes
400 grams of peeled potatoes
40 grams of evo oil
Salt and Pepper To Taste

Preparation of asparagus cream

Cook in the Varoma the clean asparagus stems (15 minutes, temp varoma vel 1), let them cool.
Put the walnut skewers and garlic in the lid, chop it for 10 seconds to 6 ounces.
Add the asparagus sticks cut into pieces and chop for 10 seconds to 5 ounces.
Add 30 grams of oil and salt and emulsify for 10 sec at 4 o’clock.
Put aside the obtained cream.

Salmon cooking

Grease the Varoma tray with a little oil, place the fillet with the cherry tomatoes, season with a little oil, salt and pepper.
Put 1 liter of water in the closed lid and salve it, put the potatoes sliced ??into the basket, put the basket in the closed lid, close it and place the Varoma.
Cook for 18 minutes temp. Variable Speed ??1.
After cooking, place the potatoes on a serving dish, place the salmon fillet on the potatoes, spread asparagus on the fillet, garnish with the cooked tomatoes and a mint leaf.

Eggplant vegan-light


2 large oval eggplants
8 pachino tomatoes
1 garlic clove
Salt and Pepper To Taste
Breadcrumbs qb

Ingredients for the sauce

1 clove of garlic
400 grams of tomato paste
30 grams of oil
250 grams of water
Salt to taste

To prepare the aubergines

Cut the aubergines by the way of the length minutes
Empty the pulp and put it in the closed lid
Salve the eggplants emptied
Add cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper in the lid and chop 6 sec vel. 7
Add oil and cook 5 min. A 100 °
Fill the aubergines of the compound obtained by sprinkling with breadcrumbs and parsley
Place the aubergines in the Varoma

For the sauce

Chop the garlic clove 3 sec. Vel. 7
Add oil and fry 2 min. 100 ° Vel. 1
Add tomatoes, water, salt and pepper
Place the lid, the Varoma with the aubergines and cook for 45 min. 1 temp. Varoma.
Remove the aubergines and sprinkle them with the sauce obtained
Meanwhile, prepare the icing in the mixer mix the Philadelphia with butter and smooth until you get icing

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