Christmas 1948 Guam – Order of Service

I recently got to looking through some old family photos I’ve inherited over the years and came across photos on my mom’s side of the family.  In those photos were a couple of very old church orders-of-service, the handout thingy they give you when you enter.

It turns out they are from when my Grandpa, Daniel Adrian Slemko, was serving in the Army just shortly after World War II.  He was stationed in Guam (I have no idea how long) and managed to hang on to a few paper articles that have survived the years.  The one I have scanned and converted into a searchable PDF file is from Christmas 1948.  It’s pretty neat and I figured I’d share it so everyone else who’s intrigued by such things can have a look, so enjoy!

Christmas 1948 Guam – Church Service Outline.pdf

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