My Little Photographer

I wondered a while back what a child would photograph if given a camera.  So today we found out when we got our 4-year-old daughter a cheap digital camera.
I guess 4 years isn’t the most coordinated age to pick up photography since the camera has a delay before taking the camera and she’s off to photograph something else by the time it snaps the shot.  Explaining that to her seems pretty pointless since she continues to do it anyways.  It involves remaining still for a few extra seconds and that’s unheard of.

It’s still a neat idea and as the years go by, I’ll probably upgrade it every now and then as she learns how to use it and better understand it’s not just about pushing the button.  I’m interested to see what she photographs then, although the abstract streaks are kinda neat at times.

I also tagged on a couple of quick shots of little miss Zoe, 3 weeks old as of yesterday!

Abby with new camera.Abby doing a "tilt" shotZoe at 3 weeksZoe posing for a shot

A Few Pics Abby Took

Abigail's Self-PortraitBaby Sister Photophoto of mommy

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