10 Fantastic Modern Kitchens That Will Conquer You

10 Fantastic Modern Kitchens That Will Conquer You

10 Fantastic Modern Kitchens That Will Conquer You

The modern style, based on a linear and essential design, focuses attention on functionality. Modern kitchens are designed to make the most of space and make everyday use practical. If you are buying a home or thinking about refurbishing your kitchen do not miss these examples from which to draw inspiration.

Dark colors

We know that dark colors make the environment less spacious and are therefore indicated for spaces well lit by large windows or those who do not like too much light solasbars. In the case that we see however the furniture black is perfectly balanced by the clear colors of the walls and floor.

The wood

For those who want a breath of modernity but do not want to give up a classic look, wood can represent the ideal compromise.


If you are undecided between two colors, you can combine and integrate them. You can, for example, choose a color for hangars and another for the furniture below. Or you can choose a color for furniture and another for accessories and details.

Neutral colors

For those who are afraid of choosing the wrong combination or a too decidable color that risks long stitching, the best solution is the neutral shades that lend themselves to any combination of accessories.

White with wooden details

The most classic of combinations combined with a modern design. These handmade furniture, with essential lines, white with some wooden insert, make the room clean and functional. A good example of harmony and simplicity.

Integrated into the environment

A modern kitchen, like the one we see, with its clean, essential lines that occupies the entire wall and camouflages it completely with it until it becomes almost invisible when not used, is a good alternative to the disappeared kitchen.


If you have enough space, a modern and elegant option is the island, which also promotes conviviality.


When space is low, functionality is the password! This mini kitchen, which contains the essentials, is a perfect solution because it takes up little space and integrates perfectly into the environment.

Everyone in the kitchen!

If space allows, it will be wonderful to have a dining area in a spacious kitchen. The environment will be cheerful and convivial, an invitation to sociality.

Gray and metal

Metallic gray is really the emblem of modernity and some light wood detail will warm and make the environment more welcoming.

At the end of this tour, we show you the area of ??the house we appreciate most of everything else; This space is connected to the outside through large windows, which offer views of the garden from many points of view. The environment with its brightness makes the room more elegant and refined. The wooden roof structure adds style and character. Furniture and furnishing complement spaces to make it a welcoming place.

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